Saturday, June 25, 2016
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Matthias is an experienced Scientist and Project Manager with extensive, international credentials in successful, high profile and complex projects in industry and academia. He has a proven record in managing the system life cycle of high value added products and services. Matthias has 17 years of experience in commercial and R&D environments with major sector clients. Matthias holds specific interests in project management and innovation in the resource and energy sectors.
You will find a small subset of my research relating to global scale tectonics and its impact in creating topography. All the world's high mountain belts are formed along convergent pate boundaries and all the interior of continents tend to be lower with lower relief. No surprise, the interaction between tectonics and surface processes is not always as simple as these observations suggest. I am showing quantitative measurements on a large fission track study from Namibia showing tectonic-surface feedback processes of a passive margin. Watch the surface evolution of Namibia's passive continental margin over the last 300 Ma.

Deutsche in Melbourne
When we were setting up the German School (Deutsche Schule Melbourne) in Melbourne, we realised the needs of Germans to discuss issues such as education, living, health, and business with other Germans. Given the lack of a German community centre Matthias started a community website "Deutsche in Melbourne" in May 2007.  The site became very lively in no time and has thousands of visitors every day.

Marketing Consulting for Information Technology (MC4-IT)
is a boutique IT consultancy in Melbourne. Matthias and his team are specialised in the content management system Joomla and provide web- and marketing strategies, search engine optimisation, Joomla development and management, and dedicated web hosting. Visit for more details.

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